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Salon Services


Amanda focuses on providing hair cuts and styles that each client can maintain. During her consultation she asks about long-term hair dreams and current daily lifestyle. She uses that knowledge to create a beautiful style tailored to each client's needs. Amanda takes each opportunity she can to teach and educate her clients on how to maintain and style their hair at home. She is even known for refusing to cut off your hair until you've thought about it and told her at least twice that you are ready for a dramatic change.



Whether it's your first time trying to cover some newly acquired gray hair or you are venturing into "blonder" territory - Amanda's got your back. Specializing in lived-in looks using balayage, foil-yage, and babylighting techniques, she seeks to imitate the way the sun highlights your hair. Amanda loves it when her virgin hair clients trust her to take their first steps into the wonderful world of color. She believes that lightening your hair should be slow and steady and the goal is always to maintain the health of your hair.


Amanda was not always a makeup queen, but after becoming a certified makeup artist in beauty school it has become a new creative outlet that she loves to share with others. She watches the Tiktoks and YouTube tutorials so you don't have to. Amanda is most fond of a "no-makeup" makeup look and enhancing your natural beauty with a few staple products. In the salon she offers makeup applications, lessons, personal shopping excursions, and brow mapping and shaping.


If you are already a current client, book your visit with Roan Beauty Company in the studio by clicking the link below

If you are potential new client, interested in visiting for the first time, please fill out the form here.

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