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Roan Beauty Company is owned and led by Amanda McIntyre.

Amanda was born and raised in East Tennessee. Her hometown is bordered by a mountain range called the Roan Highlands. These mountains hold a special place in her heart as some of her first camping memories with friends and family, and she continues to visit them multiple times a year. When thinking through a name for her new space that captures what she loves about hair, makeup, and natural beauty, Roan kept coming to mind.



Amanda has loved hair as long as she can remember from learning how to do new styles she saw on the Mary Kate & Ashley movies of the 90's, to running a $1/braid business at her elementary school, to doing hair and makeup for fellow bridesmaids in some of her first weddings in her twenties. Amanda quit her full time job in 2015 and pushed her chips all-in to go to beauty school and follow her dreams. She worked for a local salon in Knoxville for 6 years before opening her own studio in 2022.


When she's not behind the chair, you can find Amanda with her nose in a book, on the trails of her favorite mountains, sipping cocktails with her friends, or planning her next travel adventure.

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